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Lombok Culture and Beaches Tour

18 November 2019
Lombok Culture and Beaches Tour


Lombok Culture and Beaches Tour

Lombok has a unique culture and gorgeous beaches to experience. Explorer Lombok Southern Beaches starting from Tanjung Aan white sand bay, Merese Hill viewpoint and photo spot and get well known with the Lombok native and Culture on a full-day private day tour.


Tour Highlights

Banyumulek Pottery

Lombok Traditional Village

Hand Weaving Village

Tanjung Aan Beach & Merese Hill 

 MotoGP Track View

Tour Descriptions

Discover the intriguing sights of the island featuring elaborate art and architecture, revealing the richness of local culture and wisdom, enjoy delightful a long curvy stretch of beach surrounded by green hills and bordered by the enchanting sea that reflects a thousand shades of blue & magnificent white sands beaches in Kuta and Tanjung Aan